Sunday, June 21, 2009

Smattering of things from Argentina

I'm trying to upload lots of pictures and videos, but the internet at Casa Pilar is slower than snails working on molasses in winter, as my dad would say.

Still here's a random selection of pictures and I hope a video!

Frosted Flakes have a better name in Argentina. And the slogan is something like, "Grrrrrrquisimas!".....Well, at least the name is better.

This was the beginning of a not-so-civil game of croquet at Teo's grandparents cottage.

Here is Isa (Isabel) from Ano 7B teaching us a song. These kids all speak very good English, and Isa is sort of the teacher's pet. She keeps the other kids in line and corrects their English.

And here´s a YouTube of the same class with PJ leading them in a Spanish song.

Well, that's it for now--more soon!

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